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Easy and cute! Bite-sized Temari sushi


I always look for a recipe that is easy, tasty and looks cute for everyday meals. There are varieties of Sushi in Japan. And I must say, this " Temari  Sushi" is the easiest one!

It's easy, cute, and fun to arrange depending on your ideas.Why is it so cute? Because it's shaped like a small ball and colorful😊  That's why it's perfect for seasonal events, celebrations, and parties.  It is smaller than regular sushi and can be eaten in one bite.  It's easy to eat, so it's also popular with Maiko in Kyoto.  

Free toppings on rice!  Let's make it colorful and creative! You can also enjoy cooking with your child😃

 Ingredients (for 2 people)  

 ◇Cooking rice

  • Rice:150 grams 
  • Water: slightly less than rice  
  • Dashi kelp: appropriate amount   

◇ Sushi vinegar  

  • vinegar: 1 tablespoon
  • sugar: 1 1/2 tablespoon  
  • salt: 1/2 teaspoon  

◇ Topping  

  • Sashimi: several pieces  
  • prosciutto: 2 pieces 
  • pickles: a little  
  • Cream cheese: a little  
  • Green shiso: 4-5 sheets  
  • Cucumber: a little  
  • Wasabi: a little  
  • Umeboshi(pickled plum: a little     

How to cook   


Wash the rice lightly with water and then put the soup stock kelp on it.  Let it sit for 15 minutes and then cook rice harder.


Mix the ingredients for sushi vinegar.   After that add sushi vinegar to the rice and let the sushi vinegar blend in.

 Let it cool for a while. You can save time by using a fan. 


Cut the sashimi, the pickles into thin slices.

Then spread the plastic wrap and place 1 tablespoon of rice on the bite-sized topping, such as 1 piece of sashimi.


Squeeze the wrap to make it round and beautiful. 


 Remove the wrap and decorate with wasabi, sliced cucumber,  minced pickled plum and green shiso.

  • Make it after the vinegar rice has cooled.  
  • When shaping with plastic wrap, try to squeeze gently.   
  • Western-style Temari sushi is made by putting cream cheese in the center of sushi rice and wrapping it in prosciutto or smoked salmon.

Bite-sized happiness for you!

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