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My amazing friends, The Latin Girls


Encounters with people are strange.  We can't tell you when, where, and who to meet in the future.  I couldn't have imagined until one ordinary Japanese woman, it's me, met attractive Latin girls who live on the other side of the globe. Then we became friends, and are planning a joint project together.  It's incredible, isn't it?

Now let's talk about how we met coincidence and inevitably.

I found an amazing English Coach on YouTube!

One morning in June 2020, when I was frustrated by the self-restraint of Covid-19, I found a YouTube video of an English coach by chance.  A woman named Stefanie with a cute smile explained, "How can we speak English fluently?" 

She spoke the clear American accents that it was easy to understand every single word. Her attitude was so sincere and persuasive that I was attracted to her instantly.

When freedom was restricted by covid-19, it was time to learn English. With that in mind, I joined her community.

"Daily English Program" is the best community I've never seen!

After joining the group, I realized that it was a fun and creative place to train how to express yourself in English.  Members of her group are from all over the world, such as Latino, Russian, European, and Asian including Japanese. What a fun and diverse community it was!  

Every week, we shared various homework within the group and learned not only English but also other cultures and how to communicate with people from different cultures.

Of all the positive and kind members, the one that attracted me the most was the Latin Girls.

How I met the amazing Latino Girls.

Since it was recommended to practice English conversation on video calls, there were a lot of video calls within the group.  At first, I got acquainted with the girl named Angelix from Colombia who is familiar with Japanese culture, and she introduced her friends, Andrea from Argentina and Iveth from Panama, and the friendship between the three Latin Girls + one Japanese have grown.

The time difference between Argentina and Japan is -12 hours, and it is -14 hours for Colombia and Panama! When we were talking on ZOOM, the energy overflowing from this small smartphone screen always gives me love, power, and laughter. Not only for Japanese but also Latino Girls there are good times and hard times that make them want to hold their heads.  Even at such times, no dust such as dark shadows can be seen from them.  They said,  "Life is such a thing." with a cute smile. I admire the fundamental brightness and strength that Japanese people do not have.

top left: Iveth, center: Angelix, right: Andrea, down left: me

I would like to introduce their culture and countries while listening to the stories of Latino Girls on the other side of the globe, who have different races, cultures, distances, time differences, and ways of thinking.

The story of the Latin Girls, who I've met with a mysterious connection, to be continued.

-Japanese Culture & Other English Article, Latin Girls

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